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just about to post that myself

Haha  :D That's great. Too bad, but at least nobody hacked the site.

damn. i hope everything is recoverable...

As for switching to MediaWiki apparently going Twiki -> MediaWiki (Or in reverse) is rather difficult, though I read that a few years ago so it may no longer be the case...

Good luck getting it back up.

just thought id help for information

twiki to mediawiki converter

main page where i got converter

Converting TWiki to MediaWiki

google search which you can modify so you get less and better results. but the results seem promising.


--- Quote from: bk on January 21, 2007, 01:58:08 PM ---I don't know about how resource efficient it is, but MediaWiki seems to be a solid system that a lot of people use.

After three times of having twiki compromised, maybe alternatives should be considered.

--- End quote ---

I've heard much positive feedback about confluence -- a wiki system done by atlassian. It's a commercial system but they (I've heard) offer hosting without charge for non-profit projects.


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