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I saw that the requirements got updated to point out that the 3.03US original firmware is needed. I can confirm that 1.06JP also works after the changes made on the 13th.

I hope that all versions will now work, so if anyone cannot get the new bootloader/new rockbox to work with their firmware, please let me know.

My firmware on my F40 is 3.000 US.  I followed the instructions for installation very closely.  All I got was a DOS-like screen that said Rockbox was loading, but the screen blacked out unless I held the power button on.  

There were three text options - to go back to original (or was it previous) kernel, to go into safe mode, to go back to original firmware.  The only option that I could get to work was to go back to original firmware.  

The only thing I could not find was the file.  I assumed it was in the .  So, the only thing I did not do was upload the file.  Could this have caused my problem?

Update:  I just found - is this the file that is referred to in the installation instructions?

So, I'm back to the Gigabeat original firmware - everything seems to be working fine.  I'd rather have Rockbox.  Does it work with version 3.000 US?

yes it does work. I had that firmware as well before I switched to rockbox.

are you sure you have the latest bootloader installed?
And yes, thats the font file you need to get, but without it, rockbox should still load.

By the way, to the developers, I thought the latest firmware version is 3.000US. Does 3.03 exist at all?


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