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HD ERROR: related to Resume?


I had never had problems with my Archos Jukebox 10 until I installed Rockbox.  I had enabled the "resume" feature, so that every time I turned the player on, it picked up where I last stopped it.  This morning, I connected the USB cable and powered the unit up.  My monitor blanked, lines of code appeared too quickly for me to read, and the computer rebooted.  I believe the Archos was off, and upon trying to turn it back on, I got the "Jukebox" screen, then "HD ERROR," and it would power off.

I then tried plugging in the charger, leaving the USB unplugged and powering it on again.  This time it worked, and it started playing a song.  I thought, "Oh, the playing of the song during the power on must have screwed things up."  So I stopped the song and turned the Archos off.  Upon turning it back on again, the song was playing right where it left off last time.  I couldn't get it to NOT resume, even after disabling the feature.  I took Rockbox off and it works fine now.  But now I'm confused and frightened to reinstall Rockbox, which I thought had fulfilled my every wish.  Where did I go wrong?  Is this a bug?

The HD ERROR suggests that you have a problem with either worn out batteries or bad battery connections.

Your resume problem comes from the fact that the Studio version of Rockbox doesn't actually save the settings on disk until the disk spins up for other reasons, like filling the mp3 buffer.
Make sure that the disk has spun up at least once before shutting off after turning off the resume feature, or use the "Shut down" menu option, which saves the setting before turning off the player.


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