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Toshiba Mobilphile MEG50AS


What do you think my chances would be of getting Rockbox to work on my MP3 player? I've read all of the new port instructions, such as taking it apart and all. I've taken it apart before for fun :D and put it back together without any trouble.

The hard thing with this player is that:
- It's no longer supported by Toshiba. They've even deleted all of their web pages for it.
- I don't have a copy of the current firmware on my PC.
- It uses DRM, but I am not sure if it is hardware based or not. It encodes the MP3/WMA files into SAT files before transferring them to the device.

I can get scans of the PCB on it if you think it's worth my time. I have little embedded programming skills working with Audio IC chips from Winbond, ELAN, SoniX, etc... programming in Assembly and "Easy code" that these companies provide.

I've also read that some say that the firmware is a Linux variant. Would this make it easier to port?

Is there anyone else out there with one of these that they wished that Rockbox could be on their Mobilphile?

Oh god! It's very old, that MP3 player!! And I think nobody but you got this player...

Given how obscure the player is, you'll probably have to do the port yourself, but otherwise its probably possible (unless it uses some CPU without a gcc port).


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