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Installing RB on a F series with older Japanese FW

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I have an F60 with original firmware 1.06JP and Rockbox does not run correctly on these models.
Installing RB and the bootloader as available here will result in the Gigabeat starrtup screen that hangs halfway and changes background color to yellow. I saw a mention in the (#gigabeat) IRC logs that upgrading to a newer FW version (3.0 was mentioned) helped to run successfully though I can not find the actual statement. I can however not upgrade the player (unless somebody can tell me how to do it from a *BSD/Linux) as I don't have access to a windows based PC.

Changing RB to read the FRAME address from LCDSADDR1 instead of the fixed value allows rockbox to start successfully and I can play music. However starting a plugin will still hang the player after displaying an 'Undefined instructions at 01DA6004'.

This leads me to think that some more addresses are different, but I have no clue as where to look further for this. Anybody clues available?


Me having a same problem, it hangs halfway. Would RB works with original Toshiba firmware or it's made for latest fw?


Why don't you guys update your firmware to the latest?

You can get the 3.00JP firmware from the Japanese gigabeat sight.

I suggest you use the google translation tool as the site is Japanese. But I jsut navigated to the firmware download in about 4 or 5 clicks

Hmm.  There may well be other stuff that was moved.  On the other hand, if you didn't grab everywhere that was depending on that FRAME location, these results would make sense.

I've just changed the source to try to manually map LCDSADDR1, but I can't check in right now and I (obviously) can't test.  No F60. :)  

Can you try adding this:

LCDSADDR1 = 0x18F00000;

Right in the beginning of lcd_init_device in lcd-meg-fx-c?  That should change the FRAME address to match what we are expecting


Sloth: I will see if I can do it tonight (China time) as I will not have time the rest of the week.

rkostynu: As I already indicated I do not have access to a windows PC so can not install Room in order to do the upgrade. Or do I not need room, can I just place the correct files on the Gigabeat?? I never ever used the GB as a player as I could not put music on it, it has been my mobile harddisk :).  



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