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H320, chose wrong polarity on universal car charger, now only goes to USB

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After looking around unsuccessfully for an official iRiver car charger I got a universal DC adapter today. I plugged it in without thinking and had the charger polarity reversed (neg instead of pos). My H320 now boots directly to USB Bootloader Mode whether it's attached to a computer via USB or not. When it IS attached it works perfectly--I can see, edit, listen to any of the files on the drive--but I cannot get it to boot to non-USB mode. I've tried both Rockbox and the original iRiver firmware. The iRiver firmware boots to the player screen for a half second or so before going on to the USB "Connected!" screen.

I'm not sure if this is fixable, but any help in rectifying my idiocy would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Well, at least I've still got a portable hard drive.


If you look on the Mistic River forums, you'll find dozens of examples of people who have killed their players in precisely this fashion.  Though it's too late to help you, in the interest of possibly preventing others from making the same mistake, it's a BAD idea to use universal changers with the H100 and H300 series.  For the H300 series, the Sony PSP has precisely the same specs, so if you need a replacement charger, get one that is designed for the PSP.


Aaaactually, I fixed it using a solution found over there. Check it:


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