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H320 doesn't start any more

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I just meant the hardware should be alright, shouldn't it? Ok, well... rockbox & the default iriver firmware is literally dead.

I don't know why it screwed rockbox (alltough I remember trying funny stuff in the debug menu :P - nothing that could have changed the system though - and the player worked afterwards just fine) but that doesn't seem to be the problem any longer anyways.
The h320 doesn't even responds to primitive actions as plugging in the power cord for example.
I think the update process of the original iriver firmware screwed the system - as I had to reset the player while in "Upgrade" mode (couldn't get out - the only other thing I could have tried is letting the player run out of power but I don't think that would have changed anything).

Any help would still be really appreciated...


ps.: Alltough it was the original iriver firmware, this was intentionally posted in the rockbox forum because I think here I can reach people experienced in getting a low-level interface to the player.

If the flash is corrupt, you should be able to restore it with a BDM debugger. It is not easy, and it requires soldering a flex strip connector. I could do it for you, but you'll have to pay the P&P to Sweden.

Wow thanks - that would be totaly awesome...

I'll defenitely check the prices (I am from Austria) and get back to you.

Thanks in advance! (and sorry that I haven't read that till now...)

-- bedahr


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