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H320 doesn't start any more

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Hi i have an Iriver h320with Rockbox. The Problem is, that the player doesn't start any more (i think incorrect bootloader). I've tried do charge it or press any button nothing appears on th screen.
I opened my player already and saw some not connected pins. They looked to me like an JTag interface. Come  the h320 with such an interface? And can i get a new bootloader up with it?

Yes, there is a BDM port, and yes, you can program the flash with it. It's not trivial though. What makes you suspect that the bootloader is the problem?

because a friend of mine had my player and he don't remember what function he started but i restarted the player and then it didn't work any more.
I think i can do that because i flahed my wrt54g several times through the jtag interface.
Is there anywhere a short tutorial for that.

The friend that he talked about... That would be me :)

Ok, I had the h320 with me on a long bus trip from Washington to N.Y. (sightseeing ^^) and was a little bit bored. Bored enough to try out all the new and shiny menu options... Including the iriverify option.
I had no clue what it did (I know I should never do anything without knowing the consequences - but then again: where's the fun?  ::)) and tried the program with various files and ended up opening the h300.hex (I believe) with it.
It generated 2 seperate files - one named something like ...dump.... The player then showed me a message about a changed bootloader and asked me to reboot. I deleted the newly generated files because the old h320.hex seemed untouched (I don't remember exactly if the message appeared before or afterwards that).
This is where the troubles began.
I rebooted the player to check if everything works as expected. To keep it short: it didn't.
Rockbox wouldn't boot anymore (Error -5 in the Rockbox Bootloader I think...).
The default iRiver Firmware started just fine.
After I struggeled a bit (didn't find a thing in the original firmware) I decided to just flash the player again.
So I tried the "Firmware Upgrade" function of the player... Which asked me to plug-in a USB-cable. Great. My notebook and my pc where a few thousand miles away and the player would run out of juice before I'd even reached New York..
I resetted the player and that was the last thing I did with it. Since than it's practically dead.

If you have /any/ questions, please feel free to ask me directly, I will check on this thread once in a while.

It would be really great if you could tell me if there is any possibility to revive the player.



ps.: Just for the record: It was my player I screwed, not 6i6is - he just tries to help me out with his technichal knowledge...

iriverify is a plug-in that converts the forward-style slashes in playlists generated by Rockbox into DOS-style backslashes so that the playlists can be read by the original iriver firmware.  I can see how running iriverify on a h300.hex file could seriously screw up the file, but even so, that file is not used by Rockbox at all once Rockbox is flashed to the player.  That alone shouldn't have caused Rockbox not to boot, at least initially.  Updating the player with a corrupted h300.hex file, of course, could easily brick the player.

What do you mean when you say the player is "practically" dead?


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