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Void Warranty?


gr1m r34p3r:
Does installing rockbox void any warranty you have with the X5?

I looked around the site and flicked through rockboxes x5 manual, but it i couldn't find the answer.

Probably, yes. I believe there have been one or two people who Cowon refused warranty service to because they admitted installing Rockbox.

There are some people over at (the moderator in particular) who harp on this endlessly. You'd think they'd be a little more supportive of this project given that it adds value to the X5 (the people at are great) but instead they choose to be critical and constantly badmouth Rockbox. Oh well, you can't please everybody.

"yes" is what they say now

As a note, we've never officially denied that Rockbox may, or will officially (in the case of iRiver at least) void warranty, and we do warn users who ask that it may.

Apple is the only case where it's really questionable, since nothing is flashed in the firwmare ROM, and almost all warranties explicitly state something relating to flashing firmware, or "hardware modifications" which this can in some cases be considered to be.

gr1m r34p3r:
Cheers ya'll.


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