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Rockbox on GPS hardware?


Notts Greg:
Have just got a wee GPS unit - an evesham 6200 (£100 from ASDA - incredible price).  After the success I've had with Rockbox on an iAudio X5, and given that much of the technology is the same as media players (e.g. it can play MP3s) it got me wondering whether it would be possible to put Rockbox on this type of technology.  

Has a 300Mhz processor and can take a 2Gb SD card, so it feels capable.  Indeed, someone has already succeeded in putting a video player on it (by unlocking the Windows CE 5 system it runs on).  So, feels like it's technically got enough oomph.  No idea if the audio system is high enough quality - not yet tried putting an MP3 through it.  Run via touch-screen which might cause issues with input (though other GPS systems have keys, so may work on another system).  Nothing came up from a search here, so was wondering if anyone had considered this type of port?



No, you are the first to suggest it. Roll up your sleeves and get to it! :-)

Notts Greg:
Tried an MP3 - sounded OK.  Not quite as good as the iaudio X5, but maybe worth playing with.

Just wondering - if it has unlocked Windows CE 5 installed, why would you want to use rockbox?
Anyways, since you're the only one who ever requested this, you'd have to do ALL the installing yourself!

Notts Greg:
Not sure that would make me nervous.  And, I know nothing at all about CE, so it being there is not necessarily a plus.  But, having thought about it more, I think the lack of tactile feedback from real controls (rather than a touchscreen) is a bit of a downer, so I do not think I'll take it further at least on that hardware.


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