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memory upgrade past 20gb for the archos studio 10?


say if i wanted to put in a hardrive of say 40gb is that possible to do with the studio 10?  ive only heard of people adding an extra 10gb to it..

You can add up to 120Gb, but so far the largest drives available are 80Gb.

Hey, what's the biggest hard drive I can add to a Jukebox 6000? I saw a 100G Fujitsu drive on Newegg:

would there be any problems with something that large? My other questions:
- Do I have to go with a Fujitsu, or should any brand of 2.5" drive work?
- Does the RPM matter at all? Is there a recommended RPM speed?

Many thanks for any light you can shed. I've been loving Rockbox for a long time, enough to not want a new device! :)

100Gb should work. As for specifications such as RPM, I'd say go for the lowest power consumption. 4200 RPM sounds OK, the lower the better.

BTW, any brand should work.

Many thanks, LinusN. I got off my lazy butt and showed my gratitude via the PayPal link. :)


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