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Need a hand - broken iriver imp-550 remote control


Hello, I've just made my player completely useless. Accidentally, the remote cable has been pulled out from it. Buying a brand new one is impossible and even if it was it would be expensive (=impossible). The only way is repairing, but I do not know how - some connection scheme would be needed - just where to put each coloured wire. Can you help me in some way? Maybe you got some schemes, or you know where to look for it? Please help me...
That's what I've done two weeks ago, early morning...(in attachements)

In advance, thank you for any help.

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Remotes for the supported Rockbox players for iRiver are still available quite readily in a variety of places. I bought two remotes for the iHP-100 series from the official iRiver store just last month (which are identical to the imp-550 remote, which I *hope* you were using with a Rockbox player since you're asking in our forums, though I'm guessing not since you mention your player is unusable without it, but honestly it'd be silly of you to come to the Rockbox forums for help on a player that a user can't even install rockbox on).

without wishing to undermine Llorean's admonishment ...

but if you look in the Wiki for iRiver hardware you'll see details of how the remote works on the H120/H320 - including a labelled picture of the plug - if you were really lucky you might find that the labels in the picture match the ones printed on the PCB ...


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