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H320 always indicates "battery charging" but AC is unplug !


I cannot shutdown any more my h320, it indicates battery charging to me, I cannot make differently than reset or shunt ac input with a small screwdriver,is it dangerous for my Iriver ?

That is which indicates to the h300 that it's or not connecting to ac power supply ?

Would have it a component as a condenser which would indicate that ?
Have you a solution or an explanation.

PS: I have this problem with both boot rockbox or Iriver 129 Kr.
Sorry for my bad english i 'm french

unplug the charger and do a reset, might help.
and you won't damage anything if do do a reset with the charger plugged in.

your english is pretty good, no need to apologise.

you might also take a look at mistic river for further assistance, there's tons of info on that forum.

thank you dunno for your answer.

I have already reset all setting, I even gave the Iriver firmware alone and the problem is the same one
Here you can see two screens shot which specifies the problem,
 I already left a post on misticriver without  answers.

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