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Archos JBR20v2: USB mode OK but won't start alone


I was just using my JBR20v2 for the first time in a long while (at the dentist's office - amazing what a little familiar music can do for you!) and it suddenly went south on me - probably in a state with a very low battery.

Symptoms: when stand-alone, either on battery or adapter, I can get the unit to light up both the green light and its screen, and display the Rockbox 2.5 logo and the word 'Loading...'.  After that, when the normal files/directory display should come up, I only get the top row of icons - battery, volume, play mode, and the clock, and the red light comes on and stays on, flickering, and the rest of the screen remains blank.  ???

USB mode is fine - I insert the cable with the unit powered off, the screen lights up and displays the USB icon, and the computer recognizes it immediately.

Any suggestions as to what to do next?  (My thoughts currently are to back up all the content and reformat - with maybe a scan for bad sectors.)  Please help, I have another appointment at the dentist in a few days :(


This is the exact same problem that I had with my FM Recorder.

No one offered any suggestions. In fact, no one even responded.

I emailed Archos and they told me my unit can not be repaired as they don't make them any more and therefore don't have any spare parts.

So I bought an iAudio X5.

Oh... I did try removing Rockbox, then reformatting hard drive and reinstalling firmware, but no luck.

If nobody responded that just means nobody who read the post had any ideas. That happens sometimes.


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