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Arcos FM Jukebox recorder stuck in USB mode


When I turn it on, it thinks it is connected to PC via USB cable, even though it ain't.

Recently I installed a new battery along with the latest Rockbox build for it.

When turned off, I tried moving USB plug in and out several times to ensure contacts aren't dirty (it's about 2 years old)

I still have access to all files via PC.

Any ideas? Should I try removing the Rockbox software? (I don't want to do that as it sounds sooo good!!)

Any help would be appreciated.




Uninstalled the Rockbox and no change. Next I'll try wiping the whole thing and reinstalling firmware... once I figure out how to do that properly.

It's disappointing that no one has any ideas. I did try to reformat and reload firmware, but no luck.

And Archos told me they can't fix it since they don't have parts.


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