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"Updating size on empty dir entry"


Recently I've been having a recurring problem where the my IRiver player, running rockbox from the CVS build 20061012-0242, bootloading from version 6 of the loader, keeps crashing.

The player is an Iriver H140 - flashed using windows.

Two crash types occur.  The first is that the player simply locks up during playback displaying the WPS screen.

The second is that when turning off, the player gives the error message "Updating size on empty dir entry 18" and then locks up, running the battery dead if I don't spot it soon enough.

Has anyone had a similar problem.  Is it related to a corrupt entry on the hard drive.

Any ideas


Dave D

Hi Dave, it's "only" 16 years later ....

I'm having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution ? Thanks


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