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Ipod 4g color stuck at boot loader.

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For no apparent reason my 4g color ipod stopped booting past the boot loader screen.

I have been having the occasional lock up since I installed rockbox a few months ago but I researched the forums and found this to be a common problem.

This is where the screen stays locked untill the battery dies.

Rockbox boot loader
IPOD version: 0X0060004

The hard disk info is no longer displayed after this.

It also seems to take twice as long at the initial apple logo before this screen appears.

I have tried holding down the center button and menu as this is the only way to reboot it as well as trying the hold on and then off plus the center button and menu to reboot it and it always comes back locked at this point.

I hear some hard drive activity but I really don't know what to do at this point.

I would appreciate any advice on how I might fix this problem.  It is one month out of warranty (c'est la vie).

one week and no reply.

Does it have any problems when booted into the Apple firmware?

Also, the Apple logo is still during Apple software control of the iPod, so if that's taking longer it suggests hardware concerns.

How well is disk mode working?

When I plug it into my computer it refuses to boot past this screen and it is the same with plugging it into the AC adapter.

It will not boot into the apple firmware unless someone knows another way besides menu + the center button and hold on and then off and menu + the center button.

I wish disk mode would work.

It just boots to this part of the boot loader and then sits there untill I unplug it the battery dies.

Does anyone know another way to "reboot" the ipod?

I assume you mean play + select to boot it into disk mode?


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