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Hello, Just got a Juke 15. But i didn't.....


Hello Rockbox community!
I just recently purchased a Jukebox Recorder 15 and i was stoked at what i had gotten, at such a low price, right out of the box!

I was reading a review an hour ago and came upon one that mentioned the Rockbox firmware in a review. Naturally i looked it up with a search and found you guys. I just want to say I am Impressed! I already thought i had a great item when i bought it.....but guys have made it EVEN BETTER!

I just want to give my greatest thanks to all that helped in writing this awesome firmware for these already awesome music players! You guys are what makes this life worth living! Thousands of thank yous for making this great software!

P.S. Hello also, I'm new...but should become a familar face in the community soon.

P.s.s. Thanks again Rockbox Community!

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