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HDD broken or problem with the power connector?

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Since yesterday, my JBR 20 doesn't work anymore... ::)

When I switch it on, the HDD makes a "toctoctoc" sound and in the end I get a "PANIC ata -1" message. This is the sound I get when I want to start the unit in the usual way:

I recorded it with the mic integrated into my computrer keyboard
First I thougt it was the power connector problem, with the unit not getting enough power to spin up the HDD...

But then I tried the old trick booting the Archos firmware by pressing F1, and plugging in the power supply while the display shows the Archos boot screen.


IMHO you can hear the HDD spin up(!),
rotating for a while,
then it spins down,
and in the end you get the "toctoctoc" sound.

So in my interpretation, the unit HAS enough power to spin up the HDD, but unfortunately the HDD is broken. :-[

But before I order a new one I'd like to hear what the experts say. :)

Ouch!  Never a good sound.  :(

Yeah, it definitely sounds like your hard drive is broken.  In that case, you can follow this:

Ok, I've ordered a Fujitsu MHV2120AT (120 GB) and a 3,5"->2,5" PATA adaptor now...

First I'll try to access the original HDD with the ATA controller of the PC. If it works and the player is broken, the Fujitsu will be an untouched Fernabsatzgesetz return,  the files will be backupped.

If the original HDD is broken, I'll need all parts of the delivery and I'll hopefully have a AJR with 120 GB!

I really don't know which to prefer. The last backup has been a longer time ago. If the harddisk has died, I'll be re-ripping for a day all my albums I've bought during the last months.
For 90 Euro I upgraded my AJR to the max.

If the player has died, I wouldn't know if I'm able to repair it. That nice peace of hardware...
But I could save the work of the last few months.

BTW: I don't know if it's important: somehow I came to a debug screen which displayed a voltage, and the value changed when I plugged the charger in or out.  

Now I've opened the AJR.

The battery connectors look good. ???
The original Hitachi drive works fine in my computer. All data is still there and accessible, the tool Speedfan tells me that the original Hitachi drive has execellent SMART data with many green dots and a full "fitness" bar.

Hitachi's Dive Fitness Test diagnostic tool results: 0 Errors

But why doesn't my AJR boot up?

did a few resistance measures with a multi meter.

from the critical battery "-" spring to the left metal bar: 0 Ohm the three soldering points where the PCB is connected with the left bar: 0 Ohm

from the battery "+" to the right metal bar: 0 Ohm the three soldering pionts where the PCB is connected with the right bar: 0 Ohm

From the "+" of the first two battery cells to the battery "-" of the last two battery cells ( the PCB labeled "MP3FRONT-8.1"):  0 Ohm

The battery part seems to be OK.


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