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Ear out loose


I love my Archos Jukebox Recorder 2.0 but have come upon a few issues in the past 6 months:

1. The Ear Out jack has been stressed over time and now is very loose inside. Unbelievably frustration when you're trying to listen to music in the car and the connection keeps going out!

2. Middle function button on the front has sort of "caved in" and is hard to press. Also, hitting the up button aggressively sometimes activates the middle function button. Bizarre.

3. When the battery gets low, if the unit is on its back it shuts down. Also if it's cold it won't start up unless battery is at least 50%

I can deal with items 2 and 3. It's been abused over the years since I bought it (little tank!) so I'm forgiving in those respects, but the Ear Out problem is driving me nuts.

Is there an after-market place I can buy a new jack and install myself, or should I send it someplace?

Is this topic still valid for you?
Contact me for parts, if you need.

do you have (or are you able to get) a line-out combined with optical out jack that is used in iriver H1xx?

somebody broke my jack (the plastic broke inside), so I need a new one that I can solder on. I didn't open my player yet, so I don't know if the line and optical are two different parts or wheater it is one part.

I live in Germany.

No, I only have Archos parts. The Archos has no optical output.


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