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If you have sdl available, you probably want to use the rockbox sdl port since it'll save you the trouble of having to write graphics, storage, sound, etc drivers. 


--- Quote from: luka.devnull on April 24, 2020, 07:53:52 PM ---i'm not sure how rockbox could handle two different storage areas, but PSP OS plugins can expose both as far as i know.

--- End quote ---

FYI, Rockbox has no problem using multiple storage areas.

I see no reason why you'd need more than one build; surely Sony baked in some sort of runtime model detection routine.

And as saratoga said, the existing SDL port would be an ideal starting point, on top of the existing OS.  No sense reinventing the wheel!

There is PSP-Linux, Linux port on PSP.

uClinux on the PSP (

uClinux on the PSP

A new port of uClinux on PSP (with accessibility to ms0)


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