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X5L: Dead Joystick And cracked screen


My X5L's joystick no longer goes left... it physically "clicks" still a tiny  bit in that direction, but it doesnt actually do anything. Luckily, my rockbox build has keymappings that essentially make the off switch short hold the same thing as left on the joystick in almost all menus, though i noticed a recent change on the CVS that makes that not so ( :( ). Anywho, anybody have any suggestions for joystick repair? I know this problem plagues a lot of X5s and RMA is not an option for various reasons. I'm not particularly afraid of opening my unit (already have, but went no deeper than back removal), but i'm quite clumsy with a soldering iron.

Any suggestions/thoughts?

woohoo, in my ceaseless stream of bad luck, i went and accidentally cracked the screen on a doorknob... the unit is now almost entirely useless :(


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