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Trouble installing Rockbox on X5L 30GB

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I have extracted x5_fw.bin to the FIRMWARE directory. I was having trouble extracting the daily build to my root directory, and couldn't figure out why it was only extracting a ~300KB file when the archive itself was over 1MB! Turns out the rockbox folder has a "." in front of it, which makes it hidden in Linux!

Anyway, finally got it over after many "cannot find .rockbox folder" messages upon startup. Now that it boots, nothing seems to work. I can browse my folder tree, but as soon as I go into an Album  folder, there are no files to be seen in it!

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
oobe :)

What File View mode are you in?

I can't tell because now I cannot get Rockbox to boot at all. At the moment I am trying to install the original iAudio firmware so I can start the Rockbox installation from the beginning, but I cannot get the FIRMWARE to install at all! It is so frustrating, because I am following the instructions and doing exactly what I did in the first place to install it! I copy the .bin to the folder, turn the unit off, unplug USB, connect the charger, and it just goes to charge.

OK, I finally have the Rockbox firmware and latest Daily Build on. The problem was that I wasn't "safely disconnecting" after I copied the files, so they were not being committed to the X5. It is booting into root file tree now. I don't know how to change the File View mode, though.

The X5 is playing songs now. I have been scouring the user manual and cannot figure out how to change any of the display settings. I can't see a "File View" menu anywhere!


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