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No movies on the RockBox???

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OK so I downloaded the RockBox to my X5 and made it work.. Yey!!
But! It wasn't only after a quick look to my new Firmware that I realised that it dosen't support Movie files.. Or at least what I had before I upgraded tp RockBox :(
Is there any way to see movies with the RockBox on my X5 or am I just asking for too mutch at this stage??

Please don't start multiple threads on the same topic.  You asked this question two days ago, and it was answered.  If you had further questions, you could have asked them in that same thread.

You can view movies by:

1.  Using the original firmware, or

2.  Using the developmental plug-in:

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You guys.. Although I pride myself with my aqute understanding of the English language, please note that I am not an English native speakre (Mind my spelling and you could tell)
So please if you could break it down as simple as you can
This dumb goof would appreciate it

Thank you

What is it that you are having trouble understanding?  I thought my last answer was pretty clear.  You can watch movies using the iAudio firmware, or you can use the plug-in that I linked to.  Note, however, that the plug-in is in the early stages of development.


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