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Can any one recommend??

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Well I see I touched a nerve.. sorry for that and thanks for the link  ;D

But if you'ld please.. answer me this simple question,
why dosen't my Iaudio able to play an AVI file I downloaded in to it??

If you don't like my questions than don't bother commenting  :-\

Please, what part of the manual suggests to you that AVI files are supported?

KennyRIP, I stuck up for you as and sent you the link (as did Febs) and you dont read it!!!

Llorean, please forgive me, I trust people too much.... and I hate to get burned...
 KennyRIP read the damn Rockbox manual...

Look  >:(
A. I didn't get to the RockBox firmware yet.. that's why I didn't read the manual regarding the firmware YET!

B. I assumed it was AVI supported because in my Iaudio the sample films are regarded as AVI fils e.g.  blabla.avi
an honest mistake

Remember, Rockbox has nothing to do with any of the companies' products that it runs on.  There are many features that are included in stock firmware that are not included in Rockbox, and the reverse as well.  Rockbox in it's present form had already been mostly developed before the X5 launched, so theres almost no influence from Cowan in the design of Rockbox.


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