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Flash Rockbox CVS Version


Is it possible to flash the daily builds?
The V2.2 doesn't like my language file and my rvf movies.....

yes i just did this 2 days ago. althought to do it i first had to flash 2.2 then rolo into a daily build then flash with the .ucl (i dont know if that extention is right) but im sort of new so i dont know if you can just flash a daily build without flashing to 2.2 first.. i tried but for some reason 2.2 kept telling me that my .ucl file was for a different version.

My Mistake.......
2.2 is already flashed!
How can i flash the daily build now?
Please help!

I have a Jukebox Recorder 15

I got it!!! :-/
I didn't found the ROCKBOX.UCL in the ".rockbox" folder :)


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