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A unique identified would still be "S1MP3 based players" since that seems to be a core similarity, and where you start tackling it.

As for whether a Rockbox port is possible, I couldn't personally say. But all our code is open, so if you wanted to look at what you think you can do with it, it's there. The IRC channel is the best place to talk to people.

Well, part of your approach seems to be trying to get other people interested in your project. Rockbox is its own project with a lot of people interested in it. People here will help you with using our code, but you're not likely to recruit many people to work on your stuff.

Yeah - this is true - if you don't like the "adversement", no problem, I can delete my posts.

The two projects are related, and if people here like rockbox, maybe is another thing of interest. I'm not asking anyone here to come "work on my stuff", just posting a project that I think it's interesting.

Well, this forum is for "Getting Rockbox to work on new players."

The expectation is that if you come here, you are interested in helping US with Rockbox, by working on getting it running on something new.

ahn ok... Sorry in this case. posts deleted.

I just wanted to make things easier for people that will post on this forum - if rockbox is to work on an "s1 based" player, I'm sure that the project I have mentioned have lots of people and material that will be an excellent starting point.


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