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Looking through that page, it seems they already have a boot loader and basic device drivers.  

Mad Cow:
The problem with S1MP3 players is that there are literally hundred of variations of them sold under different brands. Their main internals are usually very similar, but some of them have completely different DSP chips, FM tuners, or screens. This means that it would be impossible to have devs write drivers for every variation.

afik, the problem is that the display is mapped differently over the different s1mp3s. (this is why SO many different manufacturer`s firmwares). There are lots of possible combinations to wire the GPIO lines to the display.

There are 2 basic and most common types of s1mp3 silicons : the atj2085 and the atj2051, and the difference between those 2 is still not clear. And the philips TEA5767 is the most widely used FM chip, the vast majority of s1mp3s use it.


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