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S1MP3 based players

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Hey take it easy guys...
I'd like to see you both succeed on this player. I have a few of them and the original interface is really bad. It sure would be nice if you guys could co-operate and pool resources.

that was my intention :)

Not being a coder myself please correct me if i'm wrong.
All we need to do is:
-Create a new loader
-write a display driver
-write a keyboard interface
-bring in the rest of the rockbox open source code.

am i over simplifying it?

Create a loader for your device, create drivers for all the hardware in your device (display, audio hardware, buttons, etc), and compile Rockbox for your device's processor, but yeah. It's not nearly as simple as it sounds, but it could be summarized in that, in a very general sense I believe, yeah.

Well,if you have sufficient knowledge and info about your hardware then it is fairly "easy" to write a Rockbox adaption. The hard part for most porters is to get that info.


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