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Is there a movement to port Rockbox to these cheap "MP4" ipod nano clones all over ebay? most of the one found here are S1MP3 based players.

They are cheap, have descent sound quality but the interface really SUCKS HARD.
these would be great if they had a good interface like rockbox.

I only wish i could code.... :(

First step would be for some brave soul to buy one, take it apart, and determine what chipset is used.  Without that knowledge all is speculation.

As has been said many time, for a port to get started someone with the player has to start doing work. It would probably be easier for other people with this player (as well as better adhering to posting guidelines) if you included some sort of unique identifier like the real model name in the topic.

There is a wiki here

It contains info on the hardware. I guess the fact they use a Z80 core and an unknown DSP would be a problem.

There is a TON of info available.
I have a datasheet on the controller chip. it is a ATJ2085.
I think the biggest thing missing is the ability to reprogram the device with a Jtag or ICE in this case.
There is a group already working on this over at

They are looking for help if anybody is interested.


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