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i was recording an event with a totally full battery n i locked the keys and came back a long wile later and it had tured off!! it then did this a 2nd time  !!!   is there something wrong ?? how do i investigate this ??

Wast the batterie fully discharged after the shutdown?

Was General settings -> System -> Idle Power Off enabled? I think the idle power off function doesn't care about some running plugins. At least with sudoku I had this experience.

Are you sure the recording was running?

If it was in pause it would turn off after a while (I suppose).

I river H120

idle shutdown was on but im 100% sure it was recording cause ive got the files...

the only thing i think it could be is heat protection... cause the player was fully hott i had in a hot area...  

the battery was 100% charged and continued to record for a 2nd time and then turnd off again.. 3rd and 4th time in a different location it was fine...

the keypad lock was turned on..

i did a rec test today with the new firmware installed fully charged battery 320kbs mp3 8hrs 23mins - 1.12gb n the battery fully died  

I expect bigger recording time with MP3 after fixing the cpu boost issue during file writing:
If the cpu has not been boosted at the start of file writing then the writing of 27MB may take more than 2min. This can be reduced significantly (less than 30s) when the cpu always switches to boosted state at the beginning of filewriting.


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