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I have had my JBR20 for a little over a year. I had to resolder the joints on it once before, and had no other trouble until a couple weeks ago.

I was transferring a recording to the 'puter when it died in the middle of the transfer.

Naturally, I thought the joints had broken again, so I resoldered them. Now, the unit still doesn't work, and when I plug in the AC adapter, not even the green lite comes on.

Is there anything I can do about fixing it? Any help would be awesome.


OK -- I resoldered the joints *again* and now when I plug in the AC adapter, it still won't turn on, but there's the faintest, subtle clicking sound. It's a rapid clicking -- almost a whir.

Any ideas?

Do you feel movement or if you put your ear up to it, can you tell if it is the hard drive?

Difficult to tell from your description, but I think that I and many others have had the same problem (although there are a few differences in what I experienced and what you are describing).  On one of my recorders, I just left it plugged in for a while and it magically fixed itself.  My other one is still dead. 

I can't tell if it's the HD or not.  . . it clicks about 10-15 times a second and is very faint. If I hold the on button, the clicking changes somewhat -- the clicking continues, but stutters a bit.

If it is the HD, is there a fix?


If it is the HD, you can simply replace it with another 2.5" hard drive.

If you really want to go that route, I would recommend getting one from a retail store so that if it is not the hard drive after all, you can still return it and not be out any money.


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