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Rockbox Manager (I created it for the mac :)

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hello all,

my first post, to tell you that I created an installer/manager for the rockbox firmware, for the mac :)

It is meant to be used with the ONDIO recorder (since I don't have access to any other devices, but it probably can be used for other devices (at least the install part)).

I created it because I wanted to have a simple installer (because of the .rockbox folder, etc) and especially because I wanted to contribute to this excelent project!

the manager allows you to:

• Install the firmware (from the .zip file)
• Allows you to open the .rockbox folder (which is invisible), and see/edit the contents in a finder window
• Change the .rockbox folder visibility (to allow you to use it in the finder)
• Uninstall/delete either the firmware or the .rockbox folder (or both)

you can download it here:

Rockbox Manager 1.0

Note that this only works in OS X 10.3

It's free and you can use it with joy :-)

Please let me know of your thoughts...

If you would add some more descriptive blurb on that page, we could start referring Mac users to it!

Thanks for your contribution!

yep, that's true, but I would rather store it here if possible.

I'll do a propper page soon anyway :)

EDIT: more descriptive page done  ;D

Neat, I added a link to it just now in Q62 in the FAQ:



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