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Well, i was making my own plugin, and im not the best @ C, and i was wondering if it was possible for me to get some help?

I don't want to post anything just yet, incase this might not be allowed.

But, is there a simplified list of the API calls you can make, and their corrent syntax, because i followed the tutorial, HowtoWritePlugins and it says to take a look @ plugin.h, but i cant read it properly, (becuase its not formated for easy reading IMHO.

You should probably ask more specific questions, or check out the IRC channel.  Or both.

BTW, you're allowed to post code.  Its all under GPL.

thanx, im off to the irc right now :)

It is always a good idea to look at plugins made by others and "steal" the button handling, LCD code, etc. from there  :)


ok then, ive got my program working (to the extent of showing a splashscreen, and some text, what i wanted to know is;

How would i make a function that looked for a particular file;
i have no C coding experiance (well, not that much) so ill write it in english/basic/c (ish?)

If_file_exists as boolean (filepath)
blah, looking for file.
found{If_file_exists = true
If_file_exists = false

is there any way i can do that? (im going to look @ more 'basic' tutorials soon)


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