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So I finally got my ipod up and running again on one of the daily builds, but then I wanted to go back to cvs, but everytime I compile I run into this error even without touching the cvs.

MAKE in bitmaps/native
make[3]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
MAKE in bitmaps/mono
make[3]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
make[1]: Warning: File `playback.c' has modification time 3.8e+04 s in the future

That is after doing all the commands to remove patches and even after deleting the whole folder and just trying to make the cvs straight. There is also a timing error that occurs earlier on. Thanks ahead of time

Edit: Ipod Photo build.

Edit2: Here is the other errror towards the top
make[1]: Warning: File `rolo.c' has modification time 7.2e+04 s in the future

Is your system clock set right?

do you use the VMWare Image and copy the sources there?
you should wait a minute after copiing, the clock in vmware and your system clock are not 100% in sync.

Oh ok. I am using linux. My clock seems to be fine. I am just using cvs commands in the terminal

maybe there's a problem with your timezone settings? I'm using linux too with the system clock running at GMT and I don't have any such problems.
A quick solution may be touch-ing all files so they get the current time. At least it should eliminate that time warning.

Btw, have you checked the sources out of cvs or are you using the source archive?


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