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so im slowly figuring this out and i did the whole configure command to make the "make" file for the sansa e200
then i typed "make" and pressed enter and it started doing its thing but it failed at "button.o'"
the error it gave me was
make[1]: *** no rule ro make targer 'adc-targeer.h', needed by '/home/oweeeeo/rockbox-devel/firmware/drivers/button.o'.   Stop.
the file is there and i tried setting the make file up quite a few times but it fails there
any help?

Are you trying to make the simulator, bootloader, or normal build?

a normal build
im trying to put patches on my sansa e260
or just learn the program

For Sansa e200 you can only build a bootloader so far.

And even that won't do anything yet but only serves as a platform to easily build your own test programs.

I'll welcome patches that let you build a Sansa simulator.


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