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Rockbox for Java (mobile phones)?

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Is it possible to port rockbox to java? Theres lots of java supporting mobile phones that support high capacity microSD cards.. rockbox on my phone would be heaven! But I guess different java ports would be needed for each model of phone due to differences in hardware?

Sorry if this topic has already been covered.

I'm trying to imagine how this would work, considering that Rockbox is complete replacement firmware and doesn't offer features like, say, telephone functions.

I was thinking it could run as a stand alone java application, as other applications do on phones. I don't expect rockbox to replace the entire phone firmware! Maybe that sounds ludicrus .. I'm not very technical, despite my job title. I just get the feeling that the devs behind commercial devices such as phones have no interest in ever implementing seemingly simple features like replaygain.. rockbox is our only hope.

I think that stand alone DAPS will go the way of wax records as phones become even more multi-function and get larger storage.

It may be that Rockbox will either need to adapt to this situation, or follow them to extinction...




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