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Possible to decode more than one stream at the same time?


Hey all,

First of all, love rockbox :) Awesome stuff, thanks to everyone so far who has made it like it is.

I have an idea for a plugin that I'd like to try to create (no experience yet but always up for a challenge :)) - however, before I do, I need to know if the iPod (5G) is capable of decoding more than one audio (say mp3) stream at a time and mixing them? I'm guessing it can do this in some form, as the crossfade does this, but does the limited memory/processing power mean that this is only possible for a few seconds of audio? And if not, will it be more feasible once the second CPU is being used?


The crossfading doesn't decode both at the same time, it just has a buffer so that when it is done with the first it starts with the next and mixes them in the buffer.

We have no infrastructure within Rockbox to deal with two decodings at the same time, but I guess there's no technical reasons why it couldn't be attempted.

Cheers, I'll have a look at the source to the relevant parts and see what I can figure out - and keep you posted on my plan :)


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