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sick hatch:
IM used to all the normal annoying errors from low batteries and stuff but now my player is saying:
Read access error!
Can't read from hard drive

and it wont recognize the hard drive when i plug into the usb so i cant even mess with the soft ware, i opened the player up and it looks like the battery solder is intact, ive been walking  with the player in my pocket at work did i bust the hd? can i fix it? if i need a new hd for my jukebox recorder 20 what is the cost, difficulty of install and could i possibly upgrade to a larger drive, i know people w/ 6's go to 20's so could i maybe go to 40? thanx alot ;D ???

Had the same thing happen to my V2 and after searching the web for a while, I couldn't find a solution.

I contacted Archos technical support and they repaired it under warranty.  I purchased the V2 in April 2004.

The complete turn-around time was almost a month.  It took 6 days shipping (via UPS ground) each way, and their RMA department had it for about 10 days.

When I received the unit back I noticed they had replaced the batteries as well as the hard drive.

One thing I observed (and it may be just my imagination), but the V2 with the newer hard drive has a noticeable gyroscopic effect when I am holding it.  Perhaps the rpm of the replacement drive is faster than the one that failed?

If your unit is out of warranty - I'd suggest replacing the drive as per your original email.



sick hatch:
has any one dona a home hard drive replacement is it hard do you need any special tools or is it just a straight foward swap? you can use any 9.5mm laptop/pda hd right? anyone know any good brands for this sizedrive i saw theres a few on ebay im thinkin gettin a 40 i guess cause idk wtf imma fill an 80gb w/ :o

Hey, This same thing is happening to me. Everything works fine but I can not access the drive from my computer. What the hell? What do you think the cost is to fix? The error message is telling me that I need to format the drive yikes! any advice guys and gals?jon

sick hatch:
how would you format what you cant access


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