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Rockbox Booting Problem


Just bought a IRIVER H320 and did all the instructions properly and everything for the rockbox installation. Now the problem is wen i turn my iriver on it goes Rockbox loading - Version 5 Loading Firmare and Result -1 and it just shutsoff byitself ??? I can go into normal by pressing record thats fine. But really i wanna play videos on my IRIVER

Any Solutions will be appreciated thanks in advance

The "-1" error means that the bootloader cannot find the rockbox.iriver file in the root directory or in the /.rockbox directory.  You either did not install a firmware build or you did not install it correctly.  Make sure that you have a file named rockbox.iriver and a folder named /.rockbox in your root directory.  If not, go to the daily build page, download the most recent build, and unzip it to the root of your player.


--- Quote from: Supafly on August 24, 2006, 02:28:55 PM ---But really i wanna play videos on my IRIVER
--- End quote ---

I'm a little confused about this statement... Rockbox does not play videos very well at the moment. In fact, that is still one of the few reasons you would ever want to start up the original firmware.


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