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The forums look a little different.

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Yeah, I'm trying to figure out the best way to do the bar at the left.

I often use the link to the latest cvs builds that was on the left. Otherwise I dont mind the lighter colour at all. :)


Well for now, it's still there if you go to , it's just not here on the forums.


You put the whole forum in a div, float it to the right, then put that bar in a div, and float it to the left. BACK UP BEFORE TRYING!

Suggested by Christopher Hutchinson of

The problem with floating them, is that if you try to make height 100% on the floating left one, I belive it's unreliable in some browsers (at least in my recenet experiences with such things). I think the old method used tables, which I'm not particulary a fan of doing (just some obsessive compulsive part of my brain that feels tables are for data) but would work as a last resort.


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