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The forums look a little different.

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:-/ Surely you must have a backup of the site somewhere, pardon me if I'm rude but it's rather silly not to... When I made a site I had a version on my own computer as well as the server... lol...

There might not be any other choice but to use tables... lol...

I'm not looking for the old way it was done. I'm trying to come up with a possibly better method.

It's not a "I can't fix it myself" issue. The tables method as well as the CSS boxes method (which is what you'd be do by floating a div) have both already been mentioned by me. I'm just trying to fish for anyone who's got a better way to do it. I do believe the old method cause our page to not validate as XHTML 1.0 transitional, and I personally would like to try to improve on that.

Hey nice job fixing the font on the new topics button! :D
Also, I love the new quickedit for posts. At least, I think it's new.

Llorean, you could try to set the left margin of the div containing the forum to for instance 150px and position the link bar on the left with position: absolute. For an example of this you can look at a site I did, where I embedded a Wordpress Blog in similar way. It should work with a percentage width, too, but I was lazy and made it fixed.

when you want to do the float thing, it should work in IE if you use 99% instead of 100%.

Well, it's definitely going to be fixed width. The idea is to mimic the homepage at in appearance (in regards to the left bar) but hopefully end up standards compliant and still work in all browsers. Isn't that fun? :)

I also need to figure out the best way to play with things without kicking the forums into maintenance mode every five minutes. I may just run a local copy of SMF for a little bit to tinker with the themes.


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