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The forums look a little different.

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I'll admit it. I made a mistake. In an attempt to fix some bugs we've been experiencing, I tried to upgrade our forums. I didn't realize that our theme would be overwritten. I'm working on how to restore its appearance to something like what it was before. It won't be exact. But, as the saying goes, "Please pardon our dust."

Mr. Brownstone:

i knew sometnhing looked different, but i thought it was just that i was looking at a different screen for along time. good thing i clicked on this post to see whats going on

The colors are slightly off, there's no link bar on the left to the main Rockbox pages.

The "New Topics" button *was* missing, but I've resolved that one at least. I'm working on the rest, as well as considering some other useful upgrades.

I actually kind of like this.. a nice little change.. we're just missing the link bar at the left.

I like the colored names on topics/replies, though, for one.


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