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ipod energy efficiency/power handling - wannabe developer

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I have a technical background and some basic to intermediate computing skills  and want to help develop Rockbox's ipod power consumption optimization.  My problem is that already I find I am having problems understanding even the iPod hardwareinfo wiki.  I'd really like to help in whatever way I can contribute, and am wondering if there is something I can do from a systems development and optimization standpoint that would be of use.  If not, can anyone suggest other sites/info where I could do some more learning to help speed up development of battery optimization on the rockbox ipod?

Thanks in advance.

The one helpful thing is just optimizing the various codecs.  MAD (the mp3 decoder) in particular could use some attention. 

Where do I find this decoder?  Then, how do I open/decode the algorithm [blushing with embarrassment] ??? - I appreicate the help; If someone is willing to just point me in the right direction and throw me a couple of bones, I'll be glad to learn the rest myself.

The one helpful thing is just..? !!
Uhhh...maybe it's not how you meant it, but that makes it sound as if there isn't anything else one could do, which certainly isn't accurate. I'm not a developer, but from this you can glean there's quite a bit to be done.


--- Quote ---point me in the right direction and throw me a couple of bones
--- End quote ---

1. Get the code
2. Make sure you can build your own Rockbox
3. Start writing a simple plugin to get a feel for this
4. Move on to poking in core Rockbox.
5. Submit patches in flyspray
6. Goto 4


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