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Questions regarding Unifonts


i couldn't find an answer for this by searching, so i'll ask

when i use the UniCatcher theme, my korean/japanese songs display fine,
but as soon as i change the font (to another unifont) it won't display anymore

i'd like to change the font because the standard UniCatcher font is rather big,
but it seems like korean/japanese fonts don't work with a smaller font?

or am i doing something wrong?

i am using an iRiver H120

Not all fonts have all glyphs. Are you sure those characters are supposed to be present in the font you're choosing?

i thought all uni fonts had glyphs, i didn't know that it's only some

on this page
i couldn't find any unifonts with glyphs
does anyone know of any other fonts?

What makes you think all of those are unicode fonts?


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