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Where in the world are Rockbox users

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New Zealand 🇳🇿

Have a few Sansa Clip Zips


Thanks so much all you contributors for some wonderful f/w, unlocking the potential of my ipod and removed the frustrating dependency on the over-bearing proprietary app.

I don't know what the expected lifespan of an ipod classic 6th gen is but I've been using mine regularly for at least 10 years.

I'm interested in what other users have experienced over the years wrt device longevity and if running the rockbox f/w actually improves that.

Germany, using Rockbox since 2007 on three iAudio X5, one crashed, the other two still going with changed batteries.
This is a wonderful peace of operating system software for an audio player which shows all it's potential possible in comparison to the proprietary originals.
A huge thanks to all developers and contributors of/to Rockbox.

Bremen, Germany

Thankfully I won an ebay auction a few weeks ago with several Iriver devices ( 8x Iriver H320/H340, 5x Iriver P7 and more).
Of course not all are working properly, but it is one reason to deal with this old (and good !) hardware to give them a new life
and installing such a great software like rockbox.

Btw. I am using iPhone 5 headphones - good sound comparing to its used prices (1 - 3 euro at flea markets).

Athens, Greece


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