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Where in the world are Rockbox users

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Dundee, Scotland, UK,

2 RB players (so far), Creative Zen X-fi, Iriver H10 5gb..

Hello, I'm a new user of the Forum.

I'm in Barking (East London), England.

I had previously used Rockbox on a Sansa Fuze, which I recently managed to fry by charging it with a Bluetooth sender (for my hi-fi) plugged in and charging at the same time! I won't do that again. My previous install worked, but only on a functional level (which honestly was good enough).

I managed to find a Sansa Fuze+ reasonably cheap on E-bay, and this time I installed using the installer (which is included in the PCLinuxOS repository) and everything seems to be running OK. It's given me stuff to do during the Coronavirus lockdown and I'm having fun!

UK,  from villages, outside of NW london.

had a iaudio x5 when i was a kid. recently a fiio m3k. also very tempted to get a xduoo x3 II as it now has rockbox support for usb flash drives  :o  ;D, so tempting.... aliexpress sale time too in some hours... hmmmmm only a few £ off... cheaper on ebay... hmmmm to resit or not to resit splashing £on it! twitching.... 

using my DAP for playing music on my diy boomboxes and sound systems. thanks to speed and reliability and low power usage and features. open source rockbox support is key decider for me to buy a DAP. without it i wont get it.


I have several RockBoxed players: The ones I actively use are the Fiio M3K & Sansa Clip+. I prefer them to other players precisely because I can use RockBox with them, and being able to do so is an important consideration for me when looking for new players.


Rocking a Rockboxed 6.5 gen iPod. Its hard drive is almost dead, so I'll be modding it soon. Pretty neat little thing, not gonna lie :D


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