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Where in the world are Rockbox users

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Lille, France.
Nice to see Rockbox has a huge user base in Europe.  ;)
Bought my Sansa Clip+ in april 2011 and installed Rockbox immediately! I particularly appreciate EQ and balance settings (as my right ear is a bit weak...  :-\) — even compressor settings now that I use it mainly for listening to podcasts.
Keep on Rockin' in a Free World!  ;D 8)

I was wondering that, too. Great idea!

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada is where I am located! :)

Mostly use it for just playing music - no podcasts, voice recording, or radio. But I find the database / media library system far better than the one that came on the stock Sandisk firmware on my old Sandisk Sansa Clip+ :)

I am from Gdynia in Poland :) I uwielbiam rockboxa :)

Oregon USA here. Sending my sincere thank you to all involved. This is the most amazing project, I've been with it since the original iPod. Now I use it on an IMod 5.5 gen  240 gig modded by Vini Rossi. Rockbox has given me extreme joy. Kudos guys ;D


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