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Where in the world are Rockbox users

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It's been a couple years since I last frequented the forms, so I suppose it's entirely I posted somewhere far back on this thread, but...

Greetings and all that good stuff from northwestern Virginia, USA!  A variety of iPods here.

Hi, greetings from Rennes, France !
Happy owner of a Sansa Fuze, Rockbox 3.13. Have a nice day \o/

Romania user here! I bought a Sansa Zip and immediatly Rockboxed it. Stunning software!

I'm from New Jersey (just like the John Gorka song says).  I've been using Rockbox on an old Iriver H320 for a couple of years, now.  I replaced the hard drive with a CompactFlash card.  I have a couple of other players, but this is my favorite.  I prefer to carry around my own music -- I don't like streaming.

United Kingdom. I still use my Archos Jukebox Recorder (but only for playback these days). I dumped the original software for Rockbox as soon as I heard of it. Never looked back, as they say. ;)


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