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Where in the world are Rockbox users

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Beuru-Sao Paulo - Brazil

hi all, i'm new from Papendrecht, Zuid Holland in The Netherlands  ;D

Wow. I have nobody around me in about an 800 mile radius.  :D It looks like their in Edmonton.


--- Quote from: rasher on September 14, 2006, 10:26:35 AM ---I'm aware of this problem, but fixing it isn't easy (especially considering I'm an absolute hack when it comes to javascript). If anyone's interested in fixing this (by dynamically adding and removing markers close to eachother based on zoom-level), speak up and I'll be glad to let you.
--- End quote ---

Might be worth a look.


--- Quote from: gnu on December 12, 2006, 02:05:59 PM ---Austria (I think I'm the only one here - I feel so lonely)

--- End quote ---
don't feel lonley gnu, here is me, kuuan, sitting in Vienna right now
though being Austrian I do spend most of the year in Asia, various countries, so I put myself in Bali to counter the lack of users in Asia. ;)


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